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While searching for a comedy, we found Slumdog Millionaire. And in this movie we got everying: the necessary dose of both reality and humor, cooling dose of gangster cruelty and warming portion of hope for eternal love! It´s inspiring… And it helps to keep a good faith in a fair world.

In the end of the movie I concentrated myself on the question:
How could we possibly measure the feeling of being alive…
Is it the summary of education, carreer, family, active social life and our personal achievements…
Or is it equal to the dose of pain and adrenaline one gets trying to walk barefoot on the sharperst edges of the life ???

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Are we DOG racists?

I´ve recently found out about dog racism (sorry, can´t find other words to describe that happening). Here comes the article from norwegian newspaper Aftenposten , which shocked me and upset me a lot.
Short about the story.

Pitbull Majlo

Pitbull Majlo

Pitbull Majlo came with its family from Sweden to Norway 2 years ago. The owner of the dog, Monia Johansson, didn´t know that pitbull race was forbidden in Norway.
Suddenly in the end of February the police came and took the dog away. On the 9th of March the family got notified from police main office that their dog will be sacrificed.
The family has already said that they are ready to leave back to Sweden if it helps to save the pet. But the police says that sacrifice is the only solution, since the dog wasn´t stopped at the border and has lived in the country.
Almoust 3000 people signed up and more then 18000 Facebook members are involved in helping to rescue pitbull Majlo from death.
I joined the Facebook group Redd Amstaffen Majlo (Rescue Pitbull Majlo) and I hope more people will get involved with this case!

From Oxford American Dictionary:
pit bull (in full pit bull terrier)
a dog of an American variety of bull terrier, noted for its muscular build and often associated with ferocity.

Once again: “associate with ferocity” doesn´t mean it is ferocious. It is totally unfair to get sacrificed for the reason of being a pit bull!! Are we dog racists? How can we even decide which race is good and proper, and which one is not???

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If there are some music videos I enjoy, there are also the ones that I consider to be a great life experience! The following two made me think, learn, experience! And no matter how many other music videos or movies I´ve ever watched, these ones are kept in VIP part of my memory! And today I want to share those videos with you.



I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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The Earth Hour is coming ! Do you think of being part of it? I´m going to let the Earth breath while enjoying the company of my new friends. Nice quiet evening with some wine and candles… And I expect to get to know those people better, because sometimes we do see things better with the LIGHTS OFF…
Well… It isn´t the only plan for Saturday 28 March 2009
Before 8:30PM local time I want to be done with those things:
– short daily work out and walk with my dog;
– photoshoot of upcoming young peruvian singer;
– little private celebration of The Earth Hour with my husband ! 😉
So feel free to join me! Make love with the lights OFF !!!
One little step to the greener and healthier EARTH !!!

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Well, Brazil… Beautiful, dangerous, sexy, hot, alive, crazy country that moves in wild samba rythms. My dream destination. There is something about the word itself – BRAZIL- that makes me want to be part of this wild party. 😉
My MUST experiences of Brazil!

Brazilian Bikini 😉

Brazilian Carnaval In Rio

Brazilian Culture & Street Life in São Paulo

City of Men

Well, Brazil… I hope to see it this year! And then I promise to share My Wild Experience Of Brazil with you! 😉

By the way what is your dream destination ???

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If You feel like learning something new today…

All You need to know about MILK

So here is the thing: if You like it or not, You need this dose of MILK!
It´s educational, it´s true, it´s something everyone must see!

Add some MILK to your daily coffee ;)!!

Images found on Google Search

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Fritzl daughter testifies in incest case. CNN
I am 24 now. During all this years I´ve been experiencing life, meeting people, travelling, learning about world and life, making choices and enjoying sunrises.
She is 42 now. And for the last 24 years she has been doing her best to survive through torture and abuse. 24 years of prison for being a woman. 7 children (fathered of her own father) for being able to give a birth. For Elisabeth Fritzl a magic experience of living became a nightmare life-length.
3 almoust normal lives run parallel to the life in the basement, where 6 eyes had to watch their own mother being raped by her own father.
One short life could never experience sunshine.
What punishment could be just fair??

The gallery was uploaded from Google Search Images Fritzl

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Here is the thing: I was walking on the way home with Pepo and talking about how many hungry dogs lived on the streets of Peru, and that was just when we saw one more. It happened to be that in this country many of those hungry dogs actually have their owners.

Believe it or not but the owner of this hungry dog

was a fleshy girl…

Be a part of the change!

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A quiet early morning… With a cup of fresh strong coffee in my hand, I felt brave enough to check up Breaking News. After reading about “drug war” in Mexico, I thought I could handle anything, until…
I´ve often heard that the human race is the best representative of everything alive on Earth. We´ve got both intelligence and feelings. With the time we developed our ability to learn and to create. We became stronger and smarter. And we could live this way happily ever after. Instead we kept on learning… We developed our skills in destroying, fighting, killing… That´s when some of us learnt about the greatest satisfaction in other people´s pain…

Shocking Fritzl´s Case (CNN)

7 Stories on Elisabeth Fritzl (CNN)

This is just one story of many written and untold ones. The fact that it didn´t happen to you (God bless you!), doesn´t mean that you and your children are safe. Those people who had to come through the torture, rape and abuse from their own father (I can´t stop thinking: when did it happen that the “flowers of life” became free toys for abuse??? God! Are you with us yet???), are safe now, but will their lives ever get back to normal? We still can save each other by watching each others back and giving a hand to the ones who are going through silent pain!
Once the house was build for people to be safe. With the time many houses became to prisons, where love and care were replaced by hate and violence.
Sometimes I am afraid to live. I hope I´ll feel stronger tomorrow. But today I don´t feel brave enough to bring one life to this very cruel world.

P.S: What happened to those mothers who´d both kill and die for their children???

…He´d slash his veins.

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…one little girl imagined the absolute freedom, and since then couldn´t stop thinking of it. Being absolutely free seemed to be impossible, but the idea of it was just too hard to resist. Then the little girl decided to fool the Universe: she wanted to extract all possible essence of independance in order to reach the greatest freedom of all. So she learnt to ignore, to forget, to get lost, to forgive, to lose, to stay alone and to be herself… And when it was time to refuse from love, the little girl realized that her life was about to lose its meaning. So she kept just the heart of freedom- her identity. Then she became happy :)!


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