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Here we are born perfectly healthy and happy, then we grow up and the first thing we actually do is learning the ways to kill ourselves. We learn how to smoke, we try alcohol, drugs or just date all the wrong people, stay in paintful relationship, spend weekends in bad companies, get drunk, fuck without condom, go home and stay sleeping all sunday… Every single celebration has become to distruction.
Life goes by…

Why do we hate ourselves so much? Why do we suicide every single day in every single way?


Ja V

I have just smoked a cigarette like a smoker…

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Yeap! That´s about me!

I´ve been so busy lately trying to make my dreams come true, that I could barely see how fast the time is actually passing by… What is it about life:
it goes so slow when you suffer, but once you truely get excited it flies so fast?

Well, I´m still on the run, and I won´t let life happen without me really BEING THERE!

I´ve read about the death of the World´s oldest man Henry Allingham today, and it only made me think more about the life, not life in general, but the life itself happening right at this moment right here. What is about? Why do I worry about living? Will I even remember this day later.. when I´ll be old? Which days do we remember in the end of the path? What do we think about when we see the light in the end of the tunnel? Where it goes? Will we even ever get to know about it…

I wonder what was the World´s oldest man thinking about our nowadays life with all its crowds and noise. Our unsatisfaction and irritation, nervious and stressful living should have seem strange to a man who lived through First World War, doing his best to survive through hunger, pain and loss. It might have been strange for him to see us caring so much about what to wear and what to do tonight… Anyway this is something we´ll never know, we´ll learn about it on our own, since the life is a very personal dress, which can´t be borrowed, and once you put it on, you´ll never take it off… So live it, and do not waste your time trying to change it. Not working!

And so I´m living in a Bubble. Today it´s Red! 🙂

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You can´t borrow my dress, but you can imaginary try it on, while watching the world through my pictures. So… how do you like?
Be honest, I don´t mind the harsh critics! Buy if you like it! Or just watch! I´m glad to share!

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Well, finally after searching all internet for one site to sell my photography, my husband and I found RedBubble, which seems to suit perfectly to us. We´ll se how it works.
So far you can buy my photography here! Or just take a look!

There are plenty of great upcoming artists selling their artwork here

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Here it comes: a dream I´d like to share with you!

New York! My dream destination, the city I must see before I die (well, If everything goes as I plan, I´ve got like 50-60 years or so…), and I hope I´ll get a chance to experience it while I´m young and fresh, since “There’s always something extraordinary happening in the city that never sleeps.”

I must admit I wasn´t much into New York before. I used to be a child of Europe. Now I guess I´m a child of the world.

My interest for New York grow up together with my interest for photography. One way or another those two things seemed to be very connected to me. Probably because I´ve read and heard so much about the city where the art is happening everywhere: in the museums, streets, galleries, shops…

Another step to my New York obsession was “Sex and the City”, which “showed” me the city itself. Surely there is a lot more to learn about New York, and I´m waiting for a chance to do it.

Every dream comes true once… One little trip to New York is one of my dreams. Good luck to me!
And to everyone else, who can´t stop dreaming!

So far the ones who are sharing my New York dream can try a cheeper way to experience New York, such as take a look at it together with Candace Bushnell!

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