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There is probably no one single woman in the whole world who doesn´t want to be beautiful, who doesn´t want the world to look at her and go “wooooow!”. This kind of need for admiration and appreciation is mixed with our lady´s blood and is running in our veins. That´s our lady´s problem. That´s why there are so many of us, who forgot they are intellectual human beings, who forgot they are not plastic dolls to keep an outfit on, who dream of being a model, because the models live in a beautiful luxury world…

Here is something for you, ladies, to think about.

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Look what I found on Aftenposten this morning! Now tell me HOW FAIR IS THAT:
“Almost 50 Afghan teenage girls are now in the hospital after gas-attack against a girl-school in city Charikar in the north of the country.
The director of the school organized evacuation, when he felt a strange smell in the building of the school, while the pupils felt dizzy and nauseous.
“I´m very sure that the one who is behind this happening is against the education of women. But I encourage the patents not to be afraid of it,- says Noor Jahan laying on the hospital bed in Reuters.
She is one of 46 girls who is attanded at the local hospital.”
This kind of happning has become more common in Afghanistan lately.
Last year a group of school girls where attacked by the group of men who protested against women´s rights for education throwing the acid into those school girls faces.
Well, that´s not the only problem for women in Afghanistan. After husband dies, woman loses all her chances for more or less “normal” living. It´s even worse if woman doesn´t have a male relative. So most of widows are left to live in fear for ever after…
Take a look inside A Man´s World . Is there any chance for those women to experience normal life ever ??? Is it fair to live and to die for men? We can´t let it be this way! World must fight for those lost souls!!!
Join me on All Human Rights for Women in Afghanistan !!!

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While the Catholic Church has been celebrating the Easter praying and talking to God, I spend more time thinking about the religion. Let me notice that I don´t consider myself to be a religious person. But I am a believer. It means that I don´t pray, don´t go to church, don´t believe in priests speaches, don´t waste time talking, don´t pretend… But I do believe in God, not the one that expects me to stand on my knees in front of it´s holy “face” though, but the God who wants me to be kind and do “good” instead of talking. So my Easter i spent as any other day of my life, dedicating some hours of my free time to help someone in need. Well, I´m not a saint and don´t want to be one, I´m not looking for acceptance from the church (God, no!) . I simply do what I can to make this world a better place to be. And I know I´m a good person, because that´s what I choose to be.
Here is the question: what is faith actually about???
Why do people waste time praying to God if it´s in their own hands to help, to give and to change the world? What is this whole church mess about if it´s not about lazy “church people” with sharp toungues that expect the God to do their human job…
Why do many people go to stupid extreems instead of simply doing “good”?
What is you faith??? Might it look like this?

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Here is shortly about something I found in Aftenposten :
... in 2002 17-year old boy was buried in Vaalerenga church. His coffin was tagged by his friends, because the dead boy was a tagger (graffiti artist). It was just one example for non-traditional coffins that have been used for burials in Oslo. And even though the majority still prefers traditional burials, when a relative has got a special will one tries to fulfill it. So nowadays people also can choose amoung bigger range of coffins. “The possible reason for it is to make the whole ceremony more personal. The choice of coffins can be one of the ways to do it,”- says Gunnar Hammersmark.
Here come some coffin design offers from Svanholm firm in Trondheim




By the way the price of one coffin like this might be between 5000 and 10000 NOK
(02.03.2009: 1 USD = 6,75 NOK . Do the math!)
So… where one of those coffins might take us?
… to a better world or something ???

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Sometimes, when one feels rich and powerful (for example when I receive my salary 😉 ), there´s nothing better thean to take an almoust free trip to a fantasy world…
Well, that´s how I do it…
With a cup of extra strong and hot coffee in my hands I find a quiet place in the house. I cover myself with a blanket and leave my coffee, and maybe some chocolate within reach, so I feel comfortable… Nothing should interrupt the chillling atmosphere: I´m just about to open the latest Playboy issue. But just before to open the magazine, I take a moment watching the cover…

Did you notice that different countries offer different standards of a fantasy lady on the cover? Is it about culture, beauty standards or personal tastes? Hmmm.. Feels like choosing a song for the morning alarm: depends on which mood you prefer to wake up in.
So which Playboy cover look like is closer to your personal taste?
What Playboy nationality are You???
Are you Brazilian Playboy



Are you Playboy France ?


German Playboy



Well… may be Playboy Japan


Or… Russian Playboy ?



Serbian Playboy


Or are you American Playboy ?



More Playboy Covers !

…guessing what might be under it. Only then I open the brand new issue and article by article, picture by picture I take a little trip into men´s dream world… 🙂

Well, I´m a brazilian playboy (or girl)!
Thanx to my husband for his help in picking up the best playboy covers!!

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Are we DOG racists?

I´ve recently found out about dog racism (sorry, can´t find other words to describe that happening). Here comes the article from norwegian newspaper Aftenposten , which shocked me and upset me a lot.
Short about the story.

Pitbull Majlo

Pitbull Majlo

Pitbull Majlo came with its family from Sweden to Norway 2 years ago. The owner of the dog, Monia Johansson, didn´t know that pitbull race was forbidden in Norway.
Suddenly in the end of February the police came and took the dog away. On the 9th of March the family got notified from police main office that their dog will be sacrificed.
The family has already said that they are ready to leave back to Sweden if it helps to save the pet. But the police says that sacrifice is the only solution, since the dog wasn´t stopped at the border and has lived in the country.
Almoust 3000 people signed up and more then 18000 Facebook members are involved in helping to rescue pitbull Majlo from death.
I joined the Facebook group Redd Amstaffen Majlo (Rescue Pitbull Majlo) and I hope more people will get involved with this case!

From Oxford American Dictionary:
pit bull (in full pit bull terrier)
a dog of an American variety of bull terrier, noted for its muscular build and often associated with ferocity.

Once again: “associate with ferocity” doesn´t mean it is ferocious. It is totally unfair to get sacrificed for the reason of being a pit bull!! Are we dog racists? How can we even decide which race is good and proper, and which one is not???

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Fritzl daughter testifies in incest case. CNN
I am 24 now. During all this years I´ve been experiencing life, meeting people, travelling, learning about world and life, making choices and enjoying sunrises.
She is 42 now. And for the last 24 years she has been doing her best to survive through torture and abuse. 24 years of prison for being a woman. 7 children (fathered of her own father) for being able to give a birth. For Elisabeth Fritzl a magic experience of living became a nightmare life-length.
3 almoust normal lives run parallel to the life in the basement, where 6 eyes had to watch their own mother being raped by her own father.
One short life could never experience sunshine.
What punishment could be just fair??

The gallery was uploaded from Google Search Images Fritzl

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Here is the thing: I was walking on the way home with Pepo and talking about how many hungry dogs lived on the streets of Peru, and that was just when we saw one more. It happened to be that in this country many of those hungry dogs actually have their owners.

Believe it or not but the owner of this hungry dog

was a fleshy girl…

Be a part of the change!

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