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Do you need any more reasons to chose adoption over paying for a life creature?

If you still hasn´t made up your mind, you may look around… and recognize the eyes looking at you and asking “PLEASE, LET ME IN”. Once you do let him in, your life will be changed forever, true: you won´t ever feel lonely again, you won´t be betrayed, and won´t ever feel empty and used. Simply because their LOVE is FULFILLING, MOVING, INSPIRING…

Interested in ADOPTING an animal in Lima, Peru, please, check our facebook group AYUDA A LOS ANIMALES PERUANOS! HEL PERUVIAN ANIMALS!

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Hello, folks!

We´ve been away for a while, but not for our laziness, for being very busy.
Work, family and our dedication to the little brothers keeps us busy, no matter if it´s a day off or a national celebration.
So here is what we´ve been doing…

A while ago we visited one very busy veterinary in Barranco, called “Elbas”. Many of most heartbreaking cases of street animals end up there. The reason for the trip was a donation from a friend, who heard about Layca.
We were surprised to find this dog so happy and healthy after what she had to go through. This once very ill rottweiler was brought back to life among other animals who suffered abuse or fought cancer. People´s love and dedication can do magic, believe it or not.

To learn more and support “Elbas” great work, follow their Facebook Page.

Olga Gomez was the one to let us know about the work that´s being done in the veterinary. She also donated s./110 to those who most needed it at the moment: two beautiful dogs Canela and Negrita.


These guys are doing very inspiring work, and the great thing is that they are not alone.
Here is another great place were lives are rescued on daily bases.
ACOSTA Veterinary is always open, as Doctor Blanca Acosta never sleeps, she´s always up to a new challenge, and she loves to win animal´s lives! That´s where our dear friend Ashi was cured, and there from found a new home.

There are several pets fighting for their lives in ACOSTA Veterinary right at this moment, and if you´d like to join and help, find contact information here.


And now two of many survivers of the mounth!
Lolita and Chappi were both found on the streets of Callao. Both had sarna, both struggeled hunger and abuse.


We had to sell DVD´s to raise money to pay Lolita´s treatment. And we are greatful to everyone who joined that little cause!!!
Chappi´s treatment yet need to be paid. And everyone who´s willing to join and help, can reach us calling 989896382- Pedro and Viktoryia.
We also would like to thank Dr. Rolando Garay and “Mundo Natura” Veterinary for all support and help in both cases!!!

Chappi is finally going to his new family tomorrow, where he´ll be loved and taken care of.
Lolita is still waiting for her second chance… Please help us to find a loving home for this little angel!



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Best part of it was probably disturbing cold air and hypnotizing moody sky…

Well, more about the trip:
the whole meaning of this little adventure was to share.
It may come as a surprise, but the folk in Cuzco, Peru (one of the most admired touristed spots in the world) has hard time survivng, children have to work, and most of them do not even need to dream, since they know- their lives will be dedicated to selling wool stuff to white and spoiled tourists…
So if you packed your backpack ready, once you are there- MIND TO SHARE. It’s easy, and good, and you can do it, so why not?
From Viktoryian and Pepo:
Huuuuuuge THANK YOU to those who joined this trip if not in person, with their hearts and minds.
Synne Hathway, Shannon Rose, Rosa Elelna Gutierrez, Angie Romero, Kris Yalta, Roxana Flores Bazan and Elizabeth Pachaslaines! Ladies, YOU ROCK!!!

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This is the video for everyone who cares about animals, who wants better life for pets and animals in general. We (my husband and me) made this video with the hope that it might attract more attantion to the life of street animals in Peru who have to strugle through all their lives, being left and abandoned, mistreated and forgotten without any love and care. Actually it´s dedicated to all animals in the world! People must remember that animals have got the same rights for living, eating, reproducing… and so on as we have. Like it or not WE MUST CARE!! They are our little brothers and sisters!

Peace and Love to Everyone Who Cares!!!
By the way everyone can join is and help to find new families for those dogs on facebook group Help Peruvian Animales

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