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It´s obvious that we live every day. That´s how we do it: wake up and crawl out of the dream world, get out of bed, take a cup of coffee and follow “personal schedule” whatever it is- studies, work, hobby, meeting people, shopping, cocking, “bath-rooming”, watching TV, dancing and so on…
But there are those other moments of our lives when we feel different… more alive… maybe alive to extreems… Then and there we wake up from the living dream and once living for real. Doesn´t matter how and what we feel then, it´s not about the pain or pleasure we might feel at the moment, it´s just about the very moment itself, when we see with open eyes, breath with full lungs, when the coffee tastes better then ever…
One of these moments I LIVED today, while sitting in the park with Pepo (my husband) and Negrita (the street dog we take care of)… Nothing special happened this evening. But the light was bright, air fresh, even a little cold and I could clearly hear the sound of the swing coming from the playground, where a school girl seemed to be living the moment too…
All that reminded me of another day and another living experience, which for some reason was kept somewhere in my memory, and which I likely managed to catch “on tape”.

The pictures where taken 2 (or more?) years ago in Norway.
The same people, the same feeling, just different places…
Wish to everyone to feel THAT ALIVE more often! 🙂

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One more sunny day in Peru.. While walking in the street I ask myself a question: what does one life worth?
The eyes in front of me: How did it happen that people simply stopped appreciating life?
When did life become equal money and entertainment?
When did our eyes disagree to see hunger and pain?
Our priorities have changed to material, as our need of having stuff overtook the need of feeling alive.
Right, that´s when we stopped caring about a life! When one doesn´t feel alive, one forgets how important a life of someone else can be. And we just keep on walking away… That´s how we kill every day. Without a knife in a hand… We kill while being indifferent to the pain and the fragile life of that someone else…
That´s when our own life doesn´t worth a shit! Why? Well, does food fulfill the empty place in your heart? I guess we were meant to be this way… Feeling full makes me feel satisfied, while feeling WORTHful makes makes me feel ALIVE! And this feeling is the one that you can not fake, either buy. You have to deserve it. Today I can not change the world, but here and now I want to make you stop for a minute and think about your life! Imagine that beautiful world where everyone is happy, because everyone has got enough food to keep on living! Every person has got a house, every child has got parents and every animal has got a family. No tears, no pain!
Wouldn´t life be better then? Wouldn´t you like to live in this world?
And all we need to do is to share our pleasures of living with someone who needs one chance to survive!

Join us! And make a difference!

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