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Let me introduce you Graciela- a woman in her 60, who dedicated a great part of her life to saving animals from cruel streets of Lima. This woman´s life isn´t easy at all. Just imagine living in one house with 40 dogs, each of them needs to be taken care of, recieve food and love. But Graciela is not about easy living or comfort, she is all about dedication and care! She wants to make a difference here in Lima where most of animals are living in horrible conditions and where most of people simply don´t care about it..

By ViktoryiaN

By ViktoryiaN

By the way Graciela is our neighbor. We are trying to help her with food for dogs and searching for new families for these pets. Still most of people in the street mistreat this woman. And I can´t stop wondering why people can´t understand that while helping each other we help ourselves! Why can´t we be more caring and helpful? This world would be a warmer and nicer place to live, wouldn´t it?!


At Graciela´s...

At Graciela´s...


As you see Graciela´s children (as she calls them) are clean and taken care of, but she is not able right now to feed all of them properly. Besides that she is not feeling healthy. So we put the dogs for adoption. It´s very important for us to find the families who love animals and will provide a good care for them! So if you know anyone who lives in Lima and is intrested in finding a new friends, please contact us !!!
You can also join our facebook group Help Peruvian Animals !!!
Just let us know if you have any interest in donating anything for Graciela and her dogs or if you know where we can recieve more help or if you know about any other ways to reach more people out there!!!

We have already recived lots of help from ASPPA ! And they continue supporting Graciela and her pets! 🙂

ASPPA at Graciela´s

ASPPA at Graciela´s






Don´t walk away! Join us! Together we can give more chances to the ones who need it!!

Puppies for Adoption :)

Puppies for Adoption 🙂




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This is the video for everyone who cares about animals, who wants better life for pets and animals in general. We (my husband and me) made this video with the hope that it might attract more attantion to the life of street animals in Peru who have to strugle through all their lives, being left and abandoned, mistreated and forgotten without any love and care. Actually it´s dedicated to all animals in the world! People must remember that animals have got the same rights for living, eating, reproducing… and so on as we have. Like it or not WE MUST CARE!! They are our little brothers and sisters!

Peace and Love to Everyone Who Cares!!!
By the way everyone can join is and help to find new families for those dogs on facebook group Help Peruvian Animales

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During 14 years the chiness woman has been adopting animals from the streets and saving
from restaurants, where dogs and cats meat is served. Now this 60 year old lady is living with more than 300 pets. She calls the animals her children. But those are the “children” who eat 200 kg food every single day. So the woman spent all her savings and still had to borrow more money from her relatives and acquaintances. Then she started collecting food rests from the schools in the neighborhood. But she still spends around 2000 $ per mounth for her pets. She also sold her property, something her family isn´t glad about. None of her relatives supports her decision. In the year 2000 the woman had to sell the house she had kept as a present for her son til his marriage. The son got upset and left the house. He came back to his mother though. But the rest of the family consider her to be mad. The neighbors of the woman are not happy with the animals collective, so she was pressed to leave from the neighborhood 9 times already. She has lived in the house for 5 years, but the neighbors run out of patience, and very soon the lady and her 300 pets have to start seaching for a new home house again.

More on this story on Aftenposten
The report is in norwegian, but the interview is in english.

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