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I believe only a dedicated photographer knows how it feels like to lose personal works. No matter if they were good or not, it makes you feel like you made a step back erasing those pictures… It´s not what you do on purpose. And even though I know there is a lot in front of me, I still turn my head back to the day when our computer broke down and we lost lots of information, including some of my photos, which (our mistake) we didn´t back up…
Still I´d like to share some of those photos with you. I likely uploaded them on facebook, so the whole experience of peruvian Asia (one beautiful place) is now kept only in copies. Anyway here it comes.
Beach, ocean, sun… If you once get a chance to come to here, just do it!

by ViktoryiaN

by ViktoryiaN




…and always remember to back up your photos!
More about Peru, its beautiful places and culture!

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