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After watching “Ashes and Snow” I´m simply speachless…


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Believe me, that´s what you´ll say when you face the gorgeous nature of Norway. The sea, the mountains, the forest – everything about this country is breath-taking! So if you once get a chance- just go!!!
But remember: every little town of Norway has a lot to offer. Well… it´s not a party place… but if you feel like it´s time to get wiser in you head and younger in your body- that´s the destination!!
I lived in Norway for around 4 years. And with each year I fell more and more in love with the country. The people there are lovely. It took some time for me to understand that they are not cold, but honest. There I´ve got some lovely friends. And one day I hope to come back to Norway for good!
Here are som of my shoots of Norway! These pics were taken with my Fujiilm FinePix S5600. No photoshop used. Natural light. And that´s it!
Welcome to my Norway!!

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