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Yeap! That´s about me!

I´ve been so busy lately trying to make my dreams come true, that I could barely see how fast the time is actually passing by… What is it about life:
it goes so slow when you suffer, but once you truely get excited it flies so fast?

Well, I´m still on the run, and I won´t let life happen without me really BEING THERE!

I´ve read about the death of the World´s oldest man Henry Allingham today, and it only made me think more about the life, not life in general, but the life itself happening right at this moment right here. What is about? Why do I worry about living? Will I even remember this day later.. when I´ll be old? Which days do we remember in the end of the path? What do we think about when we see the light in the end of the tunnel? Where it goes? Will we even ever get to know about it…

I wonder what was the World´s oldest man thinking about our nowadays life with all its crowds and noise. Our unsatisfaction and irritation, nervious and stressful living should have seem strange to a man who lived through First World War, doing his best to survive through hunger, pain and loss. It might have been strange for him to see us caring so much about what to wear and what to do tonight… Anyway this is something we´ll never know, we´ll learn about it on our own, since the life is a very personal dress, which can´t be borrowed, and once you put it on, you´ll never take it off… So live it, and do not waste your time trying to change it. Not working!

And so I´m living in a Bubble. Today it´s Red! 🙂

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You can´t borrow my dress, but you can imaginary try it on, while watching the world through my pictures. So… how do you like?
Be honest, I don´t mind the harsh critics! Buy if you like it! Or just watch! I´m glad to share!

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Here is the horrible story I found on
& Daily Mail

The fact that children once considered to be innocent and sin-free are now able to “behave” this way scares me to death. What is next ???
Other question that botheres me is the fact of responsibility. Who is the guilty of this happening? Society or the particular family? Who has to be punished? The children or their parents? Who must care ???
Today the media is full to overflowing with Breaking News: war, violence, crime, rape… And there is no longer old good news to start the day with. More and more often different people from different parts of the world seems to want this day to finish. Lets hope tomorrow will be a better day for each and all of us…
But today´s reality is : two kids (11 and 9 year old) are fighting for their lives after being tortured by two other children of their age.

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Fritzl daughter testifies in incest case. CNN
I am 24 now. During all this years I´ve been experiencing life, meeting people, travelling, learning about world and life, making choices and enjoying sunrises.
She is 42 now. And for the last 24 years she has been doing her best to survive through torture and abuse. 24 years of prison for being a woman. 7 children (fathered of her own father) for being able to give a birth. For Elisabeth Fritzl a magic experience of living became a nightmare life-length.
3 almoust normal lives run parallel to the life in the basement, where 6 eyes had to watch their own mother being raped by her own father.
One short life could never experience sunshine.
What punishment could be just fair??

The gallery was uploaded from Google Search Images Fritzl

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A quiet early morning… With a cup of fresh strong coffee in my hand, I felt brave enough to check up Breaking News. After reading about “drug war” in Mexico, I thought I could handle anything, until…
I´ve often heard that the human race is the best representative of everything alive on Earth. We´ve got both intelligence and feelings. With the time we developed our ability to learn and to create. We became stronger and smarter. And we could live this way happily ever after. Instead we kept on learning… We developed our skills in destroying, fighting, killing… That´s when some of us learnt about the greatest satisfaction in other people´s pain…

Shocking Fritzl´s Case (CNN)

7 Stories on Elisabeth Fritzl (CNN)

This is just one story of many written and untold ones. The fact that it didn´t happen to you (God bless you!), doesn´t mean that you and your children are safe. Those people who had to come through the torture, rape and abuse from their own father (I can´t stop thinking: when did it happen that the “flowers of life” became free toys for abuse??? God! Are you with us yet???), are safe now, but will their lives ever get back to normal? We still can save each other by watching each others back and giving a hand to the ones who are going through silent pain!
Once the house was build for people to be safe. With the time many houses became to prisons, where love and care were replaced by hate and violence.
Sometimes I am afraid to live. I hope I´ll feel stronger tomorrow. But today I don´t feel brave enough to bring one life to this very cruel world.

P.S: What happened to those mothers who´d both kill and die for their children???

…He´d slash his veins.

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