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Here it comes: a dream I´d like to share with you!

New York! My dream destination, the city I must see before I die (well, If everything goes as I plan, I´ve got like 50-60 years or so…), and I hope I´ll get a chance to experience it while I´m young and fresh, since “There’s always something extraordinary happening in the city that never sleeps.”

I must admit I wasn´t much into New York before. I used to be a child of Europe. Now I guess I´m a child of the world.

My interest for New York grow up together with my interest for photography. One way or another those two things seemed to be very connected to me. Probably because I´ve read and heard so much about the city where the art is happening everywhere: in the museums, streets, galleries, shops…

Another step to my New York obsession was “Sex and the City”, which “showed” me the city itself. Surely there is a lot more to learn about New York, and I´m waiting for a chance to do it.

Every dream comes true once… One little trip to New York is one of my dreams. Good luck to me!
And to everyone else, who can´t stop dreaming!

So far the ones who are sharing my New York dream can try a cheeper way to experience New York, such as take a look at it together with Candace Bushnell!

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