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Here I am, 24-year old woman, who never was a fan of Nirvana, but reading this CNN news I feel sad… 15 years, right? Am I that old already?
I still can remember many of the friends from my youth wearing those jeans with the cuts, black T-shirts with the picture of a man with blond dirty hair with the guitar in his hands… The guys always smoked and sung. I was listening to RAP and doing my best to ignore the whole noise over the blond guy on the T-shirt.
The time passed… And as I listen to 2Pac my heart jumps and all the memories from the teenage camping years come up. But there are some very unique beautiful memories, that wake up only when I hear:
Come kurt-cobain
As you are
As you were
As I want you to be
As a friend
As a friend
As a known memory…

I guess we all were effected by Kurt Cobain one way or another. And even 15 years after his death, he wakes up a teenager in each and every of us… bringing us moments of nirvana.

More images of Kurt Cobain on Google Search

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Sometimes, when one feels rich and powerful (for example when I receive my salary 😉 ), there´s nothing better thean to take an almoust free trip to a fantasy world…
Well, that´s how I do it…
With a cup of extra strong and hot coffee in my hands I find a quiet place in the house. I cover myself with a blanket and leave my coffee, and maybe some chocolate within reach, so I feel comfortable… Nothing should interrupt the chillling atmosphere: I´m just about to open the latest Playboy issue. But just before to open the magazine, I take a moment watching the cover…

Did you notice that different countries offer different standards of a fantasy lady on the cover? Is it about culture, beauty standards or personal tastes? Hmmm.. Feels like choosing a song for the morning alarm: depends on which mood you prefer to wake up in.
So which Playboy cover look like is closer to your personal taste?
What Playboy nationality are You???
Are you Brazilian Playboy



Are you Playboy France ?


German Playboy



Well… may be Playboy Japan


Or… Russian Playboy ?



Serbian Playboy


Or are you American Playboy ?



More Playboy Covers !

…guessing what might be under it. Only then I open the brand new issue and article by article, picture by picture I take a little trip into men´s dream world… 🙂

Well, I´m a brazilian playboy (or girl)!
Thanx to my husband for his help in picking up the best playboy covers!!

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…that was my husbands offer to name this note. And I couldn´t argue. What else could make me spend my last cash for the january issue of Playboy Russia with Vahina Giocante on the cover???

Well, I´ve never regreted buying it. Actually this Playboy photoshoot has become my favourite one.
The beautiful french actress Vahina Giocante was shot by Karl Lagerfeld. The images borrowed from Google Search 🙂

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While searching for a comedy, we found Slumdog Millionaire. And in this movie we got everying: the necessary dose of both reality and humor, cooling dose of gangster cruelty and warming portion of hope for eternal love! It´s inspiring… And it helps to keep a good faith in a fair world.

In the end of the movie I concentrated myself on the question:
How could we possibly measure the feeling of being alive…
Is it the summary of education, carreer, family, active social life and our personal achievements…
Or is it equal to the dose of pain and adrenaline one gets trying to walk barefoot on the sharperst edges of the life ???

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If there are some music videos I enjoy, there are also the ones that I consider to be a great life experience! The following two made me think, learn, experience! And no matter how many other music videos or movies I´ve ever watched, these ones are kept in VIP part of my memory! And today I want to share those videos with you.



I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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If You feel like learning something new today…

All You need to know about MILK

So here is the thing: if You like it or not, You need this dose of MILK!
It´s educational, it´s true, it´s something everyone must see!

Add some MILK to your daily coffee ;)!!

Images found on Google Search

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