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Here it comes: a dream I´d like to share with you!

New York! My dream destination, the city I must see before I die (well, If everything goes as I plan, I´ve got like 50-60 years or so…), and I hope I´ll get a chance to experience it while I´m young and fresh, since “There’s always something extraordinary happening in the city that never sleeps.”

I must admit I wasn´t much into New York before. I used to be a child of Europe. Now I guess I´m a child of the world.

My interest for New York grow up together with my interest for photography. One way or another those two things seemed to be very connected to me. Probably because I´ve read and heard so much about the city where the art is happening everywhere: in the museums, streets, galleries, shops…

Another step to my New York obsession was “Sex and the City”, which “showed” me the city itself. Surely there is a lot more to learn about New York, and I´m waiting for a chance to do it.

Every dream comes true once… One little trip to New York is one of my dreams. Good luck to me!
And to everyone else, who can´t stop dreaming!

So far the ones who are sharing my New York dream can try a cheeper way to experience New York, such as take a look at it together with Candace Bushnell!

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It is a beautiful early morning. I´m Peru. Away from my home…
While looking through head-lines in my favourite online “newspapers” I found some interesting stuff about Russia. Well, I´m belorussian, but both of my lovely parents are russian. This fact I guess makes Russia my second home-land… Whatever…
Here are some interesting articles about Russia I´d like to share with you!

This was the first article I read:
New Rules for Russia’s Cops: No Bribes or Wild Sex

What can I say? Russian police is well-known for its bad reputation: abuse of power, cruelty, corruption, “friendship” with criminals. It has been this way for quite a while already, so I have doubts about the success of this new code of conduct for the police, “the aim of which is to turn Russia’s police into polished professionals”. Well, good luck with this. I must admit though that there are those russian policemen, who choose the job with the willing to protect the country and its society, but it´s pretty much impossible for a healthy humanistic idea to survive in the corrupted and wasted environment of the police-office.


I hope the people who took those pictures are in good health today.

russian police at work

russian police at work

While researching for the second article about new taxi-business for russian women, I found out that to get access to any information on The Moscow Times online you have to subscribe. Ok. Lets see how it works in real time…
Well, it´s Russia, so… The Moscow Times “allows free access to all articles published in the last month”. BUT! “In order to read the full text of other stories, we require a subscription to the Article Archive.” And… “Subscription rates for non-residents are based on fixed rouble/euro rate which is 34,5 roubles for 1 euro”.
I guess I´ll just trust to my FREE norwegian source, which says that “A young, beautiful and drunk woman takes a taxi outside nightclub. Sometime later she wakes up raped and left in a park. The scene is unfortunately quite common for Moscow even amoung established taxi-companies. That´s why taxi for women with a woman behind wheel has become a new business”…

Another intresting thing about Russia is its obsession with fashion! Just check out this CNN report.


And that´s true: russian people, specially women, are so into “looking fabulous”, that no economical crises can stop them from spending money on clothes, high-heels shose, make up, hair and manicure.
More about RFW.

And here is the last but not the least news about Russian for today.
Many russian women still prefer abortion to prevention. Nothing else needs to be said.

The Picture of The Year 1992

The Picture of The Year 1992

Irina Sjevilova in the abortion clinic. Picture by Aftenposten

Anyway Russia is not that bad. And I´d like to share its GOOD with you next time! So check up on me!

And one more rather funny and cute (maybe a little dumb) thing about Russia:
Moscow Girls Run Glamorous Race!

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Here I am, 24-year old woman, who never was a fan of Nirvana, but reading this CNN news I feel sad… 15 years, right? Am I that old already?
I still can remember many of the friends from my youth wearing those jeans with the cuts, black T-shirts with the picture of a man with blond dirty hair with the guitar in his hands… The guys always smoked and sung. I was listening to RAP and doing my best to ignore the whole noise over the blond guy on the T-shirt.
The time passed… And as I listen to 2Pac my heart jumps and all the memories from the teenage camping years come up. But there are some very unique beautiful memories, that wake up only when I hear:
Come kurt-cobain
As you are
As you were
As I want you to be
As a friend
As a friend
As a known memory…

I guess we all were effected by Kurt Cobain one way or another. And even 15 years after his death, he wakes up a teenager in each and every of us… bringing us moments of nirvana.

More images of Kurt Cobain on Google Search

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Fritzl daughter testifies in incest case. CNN
I am 24 now. During all this years I´ve been experiencing life, meeting people, travelling, learning about world and life, making choices and enjoying sunrises.
She is 42 now. And for the last 24 years she has been doing her best to survive through torture and abuse. 24 years of prison for being a woman. 7 children (fathered of her own father) for being able to give a birth. For Elisabeth Fritzl a magic experience of living became a nightmare life-length.
3 almoust normal lives run parallel to the life in the basement, where 6 eyes had to watch their own mother being raped by her own father.
One short life could never experience sunshine.
What punishment could be just fair??

The gallery was uploaded from Google Search Images Fritzl

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A quiet early morning… With a cup of fresh strong coffee in my hand, I felt brave enough to check up Breaking News. After reading about “drug war” in Mexico, I thought I could handle anything, until…
I´ve often heard that the human race is the best representative of everything alive on Earth. We´ve got both intelligence and feelings. With the time we developed our ability to learn and to create. We became stronger and smarter. And we could live this way happily ever after. Instead we kept on learning… We developed our skills in destroying, fighting, killing… That´s when some of us learnt about the greatest satisfaction in other people´s pain…

Shocking Fritzl´s Case (CNN)

7 Stories on Elisabeth Fritzl (CNN)

This is just one story of many written and untold ones. The fact that it didn´t happen to you (God bless you!), doesn´t mean that you and your children are safe. Those people who had to come through the torture, rape and abuse from their own father (I can´t stop thinking: when did it happen that the “flowers of life” became free toys for abuse??? God! Are you with us yet???), are safe now, but will their lives ever get back to normal? We still can save each other by watching each others back and giving a hand to the ones who are going through silent pain!
Once the house was build for people to be safe. With the time many houses became to prisons, where love and care were replaced by hate and violence.
Sometimes I am afraid to live. I hope I´ll feel stronger tomorrow. But today I don´t feel brave enough to bring one life to this very cruel world.

P.S: What happened to those mothers who´d both kill and die for their children???

…He´d slash his veins.

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