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It seems to me that I stopped talking about something that really matters to me… I´m afraid to tell too much…
It seems to me that once I need someone to talk to, I can´t reach that right soul.
I can´t speak to the ones who I know will hear and understand- they mean too much to me, so I can´t let them to be hurt…
I can´t speak to random people- can´t let them know too much about myself… Afraid of their pity.

So I speak into the crowd… There is a hope yet, that that one right person will hear, will understand and will do all the right things… Just like in movies. Never happens in real life though.
So I just keep on screaming into the crowd´s generous ears till the pain desappears and frustraition cures into harmony. My happiness is fragile.

I´ll be myself one day, but today I´m a shadow of me.

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Here we are born perfectly healthy and happy, then we grow up and the first thing we actually do is learning the ways to kill ourselves. We learn how to smoke, we try alcohol, drugs or just date all the wrong people, stay in paintful relationship, spend weekends in bad companies, get drunk, fuck without condom, go home and stay sleeping all sunday… Every single celebration has become to distruction.
Life goes by…

Why do we hate ourselves so much? Why do we suicide every single day in every single way?


Ja V

I have just smoked a cigarette like a smoker…

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