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Here we are born perfectly healthy and happy, then we grow up and the first thing we actually do is learning the ways to kill ourselves. We learn how to smoke, we try alcohol, drugs or just date all the wrong people, stay in paintful relationship, spend weekends in bad companies, get drunk, fuck without condom, go home and stay sleeping all sunday… Every single celebration has become to distruction.
Life goes by…

Why do we hate ourselves so much? Why do we suicide every single day in every single way?


Ja V

I have just smoked a cigarette like a smoker…

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Life without limits…
Life maybe full of loss and pain,
but always free of fear…
Life where the sky is only an open door
to your own endless universe…
No stops and no doubts on the way,
faster than light, higher than haven…
and it´s your own hurting heart which is the key to your brightest happiness…

ViktoryiaN Photography- La Punta in B&W

ViktoryiaN Photography- La Punta in B&W

ViktoryiaN Photography´2

ViktoryiaN Photography´3

…uploaded while listening to Buena Vista Social Club “Chan Chan” and smoking… which is not a common thing for me…
Living once.. experiencing on the way…

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If you ever manage to travel to Peru, I´m sure you´ll visit Parque del Agua! It´s one of the greatest attractions in Lima. Beautiful place, maybe it´s a little too overcrowded if you come here in the evening, but it is lovely! Don´t you believe me? Just check this out! 🙂

By ViktoryiaN

By ViktoryiaN

Parque del Agua´2

Parque del Agua´3

Parque del Agua´4

Parque del Agua´5

Parque del Agua´6

Parque del Agua´7

Parque del Agua´8

Next time I plan to go there a little earlier to catch a sunset among fontains!

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Here comes the first porsion of my pictures of Callao, where I live at the moment with my husband. Though I still hate this place, I´m kind of getting used to it. Besides here we have some projects going on, so… You´ll see more of Callao on this blog!
So far I´d like to share with you my first, not very close yet, mercado (market) experience. So here we go!!

ViktryiaN Photography

ViktryiaN Photography



That was the view from the balcony. Next time we´ll make some steps closer…

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