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While searching for a comedy, we found Slumdog Millionaire. And in this movie we got everying: the necessary dose of both reality and humor, cooling dose of gangster cruelty and warming portion of hope for eternal love! It´s inspiring… And it helps to keep a good faith in a fair world.

In the end of the movie I concentrated myself on the question:
How could we possibly measure the feeling of being alive…
Is it the summary of education, carreer, family, active social life and our personal achievements…
Or is it equal to the dose of pain and adrenaline one gets trying to walk barefoot on the sharperst edges of the life ???

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Well, Brazil… Beautiful, dangerous, sexy, hot, alive, crazy country that moves in wild samba rythms. My dream destination. There is something about the word itself – BRAZIL- that makes me want to be part of this wild party. 😉
My MUST experiences of Brazil!

Brazilian Bikini 😉

Brazilian Carnaval In Rio

Brazilian Culture & Street Life in São Paulo

City of Men

Well, Brazil… I hope to see it this year! And then I promise to share My Wild Experience Of Brazil with you! 😉

By the way what is your dream destination ???

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If You feel like learning something new today…

All You need to know about MILK

So here is the thing: if You like it or not, You need this dose of MILK!
It´s educational, it´s true, it´s something everyone must see!

Add some MILK to your daily coffee ;)!!

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