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It has become a part of human culture to share Saturday night. People leave their houses for different reasons: someone can´t stand the loneliness, others want to unite, one looks for new friendships while another tries to find forgotten buddies. No matter what are the reasons for us to be there, it´s the feeling of company that keeps us awake…

And every Saturday night the city screams…

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The Earth Hour is coming ! Do you think of being part of it? I´m going to let the Earth breath while enjoying the company of my new friends. Nice quiet evening with some wine and candles… And I expect to get to know those people better, because sometimes we do see things better with the LIGHTS OFF…
Well… It isn´t the only plan for Saturday 28 March 2009
Before 8:30PM local time I want to be done with those things:
– short daily work out and walk with my dog;
– photoshoot of upcoming young peruvian singer;
– little private celebration of The Earth Hour with my husband ! 😉
So feel free to join me! Make love with the lights OFF !!!
One little step to the greener and healthier EARTH !!!

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Well, Brazil… Beautiful, dangerous, sexy, hot, alive, crazy country that moves in wild samba rythms. My dream destination. There is something about the word itself – BRAZIL- that makes me want to be part of this wild party. 😉
My MUST experiences of Brazil!

Brazilian Bikini 😉

Brazilian Carnaval In Rio

Brazilian Culture & Street Life in São Paulo

City of Men

Well, Brazil… I hope to see it this year! And then I promise to share My Wild Experience Of Brazil with you! 😉

By the way what is your dream destination ???

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