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It´s obvious that we live every day. That´s how we do it: wake up and crawl out of the dream world, get out of bed, take a cup of coffee and follow “personal schedule” whatever it is- studies, work, hobby, meeting people, shopping, cocking, “bath-rooming”, watching TV, dancing and so on…
But there are those other moments of our lives when we feel different… more alive… maybe alive to extreems… Then and there we wake up from the living dream and once living for real. Doesn´t matter how and what we feel then, it´s not about the pain or pleasure we might feel at the moment, it´s just about the very moment itself, when we see with open eyes, breath with full lungs, when the coffee tastes better then ever…
One of these moments I LIVED today, while sitting in the park with Pepo (my husband) and Negrita (the street dog we take care of)… Nothing special happened this evening. But the light was bright, air fresh, even a little cold and I could clearly hear the sound of the swing coming from the playground, where a school girl seemed to be living the moment too…
All that reminded me of another day and another living experience, which for some reason was kept somewhere in my memory, and which I likely managed to catch “on tape”.

The pictures where taken 2 (or more?) years ago in Norway.
The same people, the same feeling, just different places…
Wish to everyone to feel THAT ALIVE more often! 🙂

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Here is shortly about something I found in Aftenposten :
... in 2002 17-year old boy was buried in Vaalerenga church. His coffin was tagged by his friends, because the dead boy was a tagger (graffiti artist). It was just one example for non-traditional coffins that have been used for burials in Oslo. And even though the majority still prefers traditional burials, when a relative has got a special will one tries to fulfill it. So nowadays people also can choose amoung bigger range of coffins. “The possible reason for it is to make the whole ceremony more personal. The choice of coffins can be one of the ways to do it,”- says Gunnar Hammersmark.
Here come some coffin design offers from Svanholm firm in Trondheim




By the way the price of one coffin like this might be between 5000 and 10000 NOK
(02.03.2009: 1 USD = 6,75 NOK . Do the math!)
So… where one of those coffins might take us?
… to a better world or something ???

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The Earth Hour is coming ! Do you think of being part of it? I´m going to let the Earth breath while enjoying the company of my new friends. Nice quiet evening with some wine and candles… And I expect to get to know those people better, because sometimes we do see things better with the LIGHTS OFF…
Well… It isn´t the only plan for Saturday 28 March 2009
Before 8:30PM local time I want to be done with those things:
– short daily work out and walk with my dog;
– photoshoot of upcoming young peruvian singer;
– little private celebration of The Earth Hour with my husband ! 😉
So feel free to join me! Make love with the lights OFF !!!
One little step to the greener and healthier EARTH !!!

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