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It seems to me that I stopped talking about something that really matters to me… I´m afraid to tell too much…
It seems to me that once I need someone to talk to, I can´t reach that right soul.
I can´t speak to the ones who I know will hear and understand- they mean too much to me, so I can´t let them to be hurt…
I can´t speak to random people- can´t let them know too much about myself… Afraid of their pity.

So I speak into the crowd… There is a hope yet, that that one right person will hear, will understand and will do all the right things… Just like in movies. Never happens in real life though.
So I just keep on screaming into the crowd´s generous ears till the pain desappears and frustraition cures into harmony. My happiness is fragile.

I´ll be myself one day, but today I´m a shadow of me.

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